For five months, I was unable to walk without pain in my leg. Now, after only three weeks of treatment, I am once again able to play golf and do ballroom dancing. I am also able to do some of the yard work that I have been unable to do. This is the place where you can reclaim your life.

A. R.

Chiropractic care is new to me and has been a refreshing discovery! 
The main issue that brought me to Nature's Way was a recent problem with numbness and pain in my foot/toes that had been unresolved and escalating for several months. Dr. Moore was able to quickly determine that the problem stemmed from an injury to my neck over 35 years ago. For many years I had chronic neck and joint pain, headaches and trouble sleeping due to this injury and had basically "just learned to live with it" over time. I had not correlated the two problems as being directly related.
In a matter of a few weeks I experienced a significant decrease in pain and numbness in my foot and now after a few months have virtually no residual pain. At the time I came to Nature's Way, I was taking the maximum dose of ibuprofen daily and still experiencing pain and numbness. I was losing sleep regularly as well and work/life productivity.
The "big wins" for me have proven to be more than I ever hoped for! I am sleeping better than I have in many years. I have experienced a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the headaches, body aches and joint pain issues that I chronically experienced due to the neck injury. I rarely take any medication now for pain relief and have started walking again and feel more motivated to be active every day.
I work in the healthcare field and feel that "traditional medicine" is a necessary part of life from time-to-time, but I also feel that total body wellness and alignment contributes directly to our medical picture and the body's ability to do what it was designed to do – protect us from illness and provide the framework for good health.
W. C.

As a registered nurse, I was skeptical about chiropractic care. I was an advocate of traditional medicine. But when physical therapy was prescribed for my arthritic shoulder and the treatment took 12 weeks of painful exercises with poor results, I wanted to try something different. My idea of chiropractic care was crack, whack, thump and twist, but nothing could have been further from the truth. After a thorough physical examination, x-rays, and evaluation by Dr. Eric, I was given explanations and options I could understand. I became part of the solution not just the patient with the problem. The gentle treatments and the concept that my whole body can heal and that I would be seen as a whole person was refreshing. It wasn't just "fix the shoulder" and move on to the next problem body part. Overall my shoulder is much better, and I have more energy. Along the way, Dr. Eric has addressed other problems that I didn't want to "bother" my primary doctor with. You know, those things you just live with but don't want to complain about – like my periodic sore neck from a car accident 20 years ago, pain and numbness in my wrist that the surgeon wanted to operate on and my foot bump that bothers me when I wear sandals – those problems are all better too. And the very debilitating nerve-damage pain in my legs from a work injury now requires much less medication. Now I'm not saying that chiropractic care is the cure-all for everything, but it has helped me in many ways. I will still see the oncologist every year for my cancer checkup and a heart specialist on a regular basis, but now I know I have more options in my arsenal for wellness and good health, and Dr. Eric will keep me on the path of healing with compassion and professional care where I am part of the solution.

Doris – Madison


As an adolescent, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Before chiropractic care, I experienced a significant amount of back pain. With my limited knowledge, I just had to deal with pain the best way I knew how. Now that I have been under chiropractic care for a few years, my pain is much more manageable. Thanks to regular visits with Dr. Moore, I am able to live my life to the fullest most days. I love life and being able to enjoy it by not being limited in my activities due to pain.

Tara – Madison


Chiropractic care reduced my migraine headaches, back pain, and remarkably alleviated symptoms of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Being in the office, and the chiropractic session itself gives lots of relaxation. There is a very friendly environment created by the wonderful doctors and staff. The doctors really love their job and their patients.

Julia – M.D., Madison